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Health and social care research changes lives. It is through research that we develop better treatments, as well as improve diagnosis, prevention, care and quality of life for everyone.


This vital research is only possible thanks to people, of all ages, who can make a difference, either by taking part or by helping to shape research - or both!


There are research studies happening every day across the UK that need volunteers to take part, including both healthy volunteers and those living with different physical and mental health conditions. Research studies take a wide range of forms from completing surveys or donating tissue, to trying out a new treatment such as a medicine. 


As well as taking part, patients and the public have valuable views and experiences of health and social care and work in partnership with us to help design and deliver research.


By getting involved, you can help decide on which topics should be researched. In addition, you can contribute to decisions about which research gets funded, how research will be carried out and results shared. Involving patients and the public makes research higher quality and more relevant, so it can improve future treatments and care for those who really need it.  


We’ve experienced record levels of interest in research in the last year. If you’d like to know what is happening, we can update you on what research is being delivered across the UK and highlight ways to get involved.


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NIHR works in partnership with our counterparts across the UK: Health and Care Research Wales, NHS Research Scotland and Health and Social Care N. Ireland. Occasionally, these organisations may wish to share updates with citizens living in specific nation

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